Churches Uniting in Christ is a relationship among ten Christian communions that have pledged to live more closely together in expressing their unity in Christ and to combat racism together.

CUIC is both an outgrowth of and successor to the Consultation on Church Union (COCU), an organization that worked for more than 40 years toward the day when Christians can become more fully reconciled to each other.

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CUIC Notes


Keep Up with Building in Haiti

Haiti continues to be a nation without basic creature comforts after the earthquake on January 12, 2010 - two years ago. Despite the ravishing health epidemics, the lack of permanent housing, and the still crumbled infrastructure (no safe drinking water), the spirits of the people only signal a revival. In fact, the Haitians who have migrated to America have re-connected with their native land in powerful way - on a mission of Building the Haiti that was envisioned vs. Re-building the Haiti that has not reached its potential.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) has had a presence in Haiti for over 100 years. Its maintains medical clinics and schools in remote areas and provides worship centers (churches) throughout the country. Re-building the structures that were destroyed during the earthquake is a high priority and resources are being raised for that work. However, the services that are so desperately needed (clinics and schools) continue in temporary trailers and tents to insure the well-being of the people. Worship continues under open air and in tents because we all recognize that God is working it out...... thru us.....for us.... and with us and WE are the church - not the buildings.

Following are two summaries:

1) The work of the AME Church and the re-building efforts led by Bishop Sarah Davis, Presiding Bishop of the 16th Episcopal District The AME Church's international service arm is AME-SADA which operates the clinics.

2) A Coalition of native Haitians - Haiti Center for Sustainable Construction and Development

As you read their Updates, pray and ponder ways that you might become a partner or link/refer them to resources and how our prayerful intervention may sustain them as they claim their God give calling in Building the People and the Nation of Haiti.

Thanks for all that you will do.

SIStah "Jackie"
Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker, Director
Social Action Commission
AME Church

Bishop John White, Ecumenical Officer
AME Church




Churches Uniting in Christ Takes a Major Step Forward

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (1/28/11) — Churches Uniting in Christ (CUIC), launched by 10 communions in 2002 to foster visible unity and combat racism, took a major step toward those goals during a recent three-day meeting in Fort Lauderdale.

African Methodist Episcopal Bishop John F. White, chair of CUIC’s Steering Committee, welcomed the gathering of around 40 church leaders. The first day concluded with an ecumenical worship service at Hollywood Hills United Methodist Church in Hollywood Hills, Fla. Representatives from all 10 CUIC member communions shared in leading the service, which focused on the healing and rebuilding in Haiti. An offering of $1,358 was collected to support Church World Service and its ongoing work there.

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‘A New Way Forward’ Proposed for CUIC - March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010 – The heads of churches and ecumenical officers of
the member communions represented in Churches Uniting in Christ
(CUIC) met in Baltimore, Maryland, on February 17 for what proved
to be a significant and hopeful moment of recommitment to CUIC’s original vision in giving expression to the visible unity of the church... More






Inaugurated in January 2002, Churches Uniting in Christ includes the following member communion: the African Methodist Episcopal Church [AME], the African Methodist Episcopal Church Zion [AME Zion], the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)[Disciples], the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church [CME], the Episcopal Church (USA) [Episcopal],the International Council of Community Churches [ICCC], the Presbyterian Church (USA) [PCUSA], the United Church of Christ [UCC] ,the Moravian Church (Northern Province) [Moravians]. and the United Methodist Church [UMC].  In addition, there is one “Partner in Mission and Dialogue”: the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America [ELCA].  


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