CUIC does not mandate how member-churches and their local congregations will work together. Member churches have, however, committed to finding new ways to relate to one another.

The new CUIC relationship may mean that we worship differently because we share and incorporate gifts of the other churches into our worship. It could have an impact on the ways we think about missions. And there is a special responsibility for the CUIC members to join together to take on the issue of racism.

The actions of local congregations may be as varied and unique as their own imaginations. But below are some ideas for ways the CUIC relationship could be lived out in local churches.

  • Pray for nearby CUIC congregations by name. Make their joys and sufferings your own

  • Include representatives of neighboring CUIC congregations in your baptisms, ordinations and installations

  • Celebrate the Lord's Supper with other CUIC congregations in your area, at least on special occasions

  • Undertake mission projects with CUIC partners on a regular basis, especially projects aimed at overcoming racism

  •  Invite a member of a neighboring CUIC congregation to serve on a board or committee of your church

  • Invite other congregations to participate in your special events, from worship services to ice cream socials

  • Organize shared youth retreats or adult education courses. Teach about the other churches in your own education program

  • Add the words, "Member of Churches Uniting in Christ" to your church signboard

Other ideas:

If your church or congregation finds its own way of expressing the commitments of CUIC, please share it with others. We invite your ideas and will post the best of them on this site. Please send them to Be sure your email includes your permission for posting of the information; any restrictions on use of the information; and a name, title and contact email for CUIC web users.

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